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Roero Wineries

Selection of the best wineries of Roero. Here you can have a Roero wine tasting Arneis, Roero Rosso, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo etc.
Visiting a winery and tasting its wine is an unforgettable experience.

Wine tasting Roero wineries
Località Rabini, 102 – Canale (CN)

The tour starts from the viewpoint with a detailed explanation of the company’s history and the surrounding ecosystem of woods, vineyards and orchards.
Crossing the courtyard you reach the stable divided into different environments that house 220 heads of Piedmontese fassona.
The next step concerns the winemaking and ageing rooms, where the oak barrels are located.
Before the tasting we stop in the small Crutin, a room dug into the tuff.
The tasting includes the tasting of 4 company glasses of your choice,
accompanied by farm products: cold cuts, hazelnuts and apricot jam. A taste of cheeses purchased from a small local producer is also offered.
In order to better organize the tasting and the reception of guests, the following booking times are available: 11.00 14.30 16.30

Wine tasting Roero wineries Wine tasting Roero wineries

Cà Rossa
Località Ca’ Rossa, 56 – Canale d’Alba (CN)

We serve 8 wines:
2 Arneis, 2 Barbera, 1 Nebbiolo, 3 Roero
Roero Arneis ‘Merica’
Arneis is a piemontese grape variety originated from Roero. The color is straw yellow with greenish reflections, vinified and aged in steel, the wine is fresh and drinkable. Its floral and fruity bouquet makes it delicate and pleasant. The nose has subtle hints of white and yellow flowers and notes of fresh fruit such as peach and melon, while in the mouth, the distinct sapidity typical of the variety underlines its persistent minerality. Excellent as an aperitif, it also goes very well with fish starters, cereal and vegetable soups and seafood first courses. Also try it with tomini and fresh cheeses.
Barbera d’Alba ‘Ansem’
Barbera is a piemontese grape variety. The production area is Canale d’Alba. The vinification takes place in stainless steel and then a few months in the bottle. The name ‘Ansem’ comes from the Piemontese dialect and means ‘together’. This name was conceived and chosen to emphasise the close relationship and collaboration of the father Angelo and his son Stefano in running their family business. The colour is an intense ruby red with violet reflections. The nose is broad, elegant, with aromas ranging from cherry to blackberry. In the mouth it is savoury, persistent and medium-bodied. Excellent with pasta, rice and soups, red meats and medium mature cheeses. Also a perfect aperitif glass with sliced meats.
Langhe Nebbiolo ‘Funsu’
Production area, Canale d’Alba and Santo Stefano Roero. Nebbiolo is the king of piemontese varieties. This wine is dedicated to Alfonso, in Piemontese ‘Funsu’, Angelo’s father who was a virtuous farmer faithful to his land. The wine has a ruby red colour with garnet reflections typical of the grape variety. The nose is floral and fruity, rich with hints of violets and roses. The light tannins envelop the mouth in a delicate and elegant way. The balance and harmony of this Nebbiolo make it quite drinkable and invite one to have another glass. Ideal with typical piemontese antipasti such as raw meat, veal with tuna sauce and Russian salad. Excellent with aged cheeses and wild game.
Roero ‘Mompissano’ Riserva
Production area is Canale d’Alba. This Roero Riserva is produced with 100% Nebbiolo and undergoes a long ageing in wood. Mompissano, the vineyard from which this wine is obtained, is the Additional Geographical Mentions of the Roero territory. The wine has an intense garnet colour. The nose is wide, complex and dynamic. Notes of ripe fruit and spices such as pepper and cinnamon prevail over the primary aromas. The firm structure amalgamates acidity and alcoholic power and allows to the fragrance to gradually open up. The aftertaste is long, persistent and with soft, well-balanced tannins. Excellent with roasts, boiled meats and wild game. Also good with aged cheeses.
The tasting will be accompanied by breadsticks, salami and seasoned cheese.

Via Valentino, 150 – Canale (CN)
Wine tasting Roero wineries

Guided tour of our vineyards on Cornarea hill
A tasting experience of 5 wines accompanied by local salami and cheeses

Wine tasting Roero  Roero wineries

Poderi Vaiot
Borgata Laione, 43 – Montà (CN)

Tasting of 6 wines
For each wine, food pairing that varies depending on the season
+ first course hot (tagliatelle of our strength grain)
+ hazelnut cake with a glass of Piedmont Brachetto Passito paired.





Like Barolo and Barbaresco, Roero wine is the son of Nebbiolo and is proposed, together with Arneis, as the main vine in Roero. Popular culture, said the musical name Arneis, a term that also indicates an extroverted individual a bit rebellious, original and sympathetic.Wine tasting Roero wineries


According to the specification, the denomination “Roero” without any other specification is reserved for red wines obtained from Nebbiolo grapes for a minimum of 95%. For the denomination “Roero Arneis” it is reserved to the white wine obtained from arneis grapes, for a minimum of 95%. We are waiting for a wine tasting roero or for a wine tasting Arneis.Wine tasting Roero wineries

Barbera wine is the wine of Piedmont, rude and strong, symbol of the daily life of peasant drinking. At the base of its success there are in fact the characteristics of rusticity and generosity in the production. After a long period of unjust and sad anonymity, Barbera has experienced a wide revaluation, also by virtue of a reinterpretation of the winery during the vinification phase.Wine tasting Roero wineries

Nebbiolo d’Alba wine is the same grape variety used for the production of Roero. Some producers prefer to keep this denomination for their wines, sharing it with other producers of the Alba area.

In November 1994, two other denominations of controlled origin were recognized which also cover the territory of Roero: Langhe DOC and Piemonte DOC.

The following wines are included in the DOC Piemonte: Piemonte Barbera, Piemonte Bonarda, Piemonte Grignolino, Piemonte Brachetto, Piemonte Cortese, Piemonte Chardonnay, Piemonte Moscato, Piemonte Moscato passito, Piemonte Spumante.

Langhe DOC includes the following wines: Langhe Arneis, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Dolcetto, Langhe Freisa, Langhe Chardonnay. Alongside these new DOC wines, smaller in the quantity of wine produced and certainly of good quality, are emerging the Langhe DOC red and the Langhe DOC white. Look at the other wineries in Piedmont and Italy

Roero wine tasting arneis