Wine tasting Roero wineries

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Roero Wineries

Selection of the best wineries of Roero. Here you can have a Roero wine tasting Arneis, Roero Rosso, Nebbiolo d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo etc.
Visiting a winery and tasting its wine is an unforgettable experience.


wine tasting roero in the best roero Wineries Roero

Like Barolo and Barbaresco, Roero wine is the son of Nebbiolo and is proposed, together with Arneis, as the main vine in Roero. Popular culture, said the musical name Arneis, a term that also indicates an extroverted individual a bit rebellious, original and sympathetic.Wine tasting Roero wineries


According to the specification, the denomination “Roero” without any other specification is reserved for red wines obtained from Nebbiolo grapes for a minimum of 95%. For the denomination “Roero Arneis” it is reserved to the white wine obtained from arneis grapes, for a minimum of 95%. We are waiting for a wine tasting roero or for a wine tasting Arneis.Wine tasting Roero wineries

Barbera wine is the wine of Piedmont, rude and strong, symbol of the daily life of peasant drinking. At the base of its success there are in fact the characteristics of rusticity and generosity in the production. After a long period of unjust and sad anonymity, Barbera has experienced a wide revaluation, also by virtue of a reinterpretation of the winery during the vinification phase.Wine tasting Roero wineries

Nebbiolo d’Alba wine is the same grape variety used for the production of Roero. Some producers prefer to keep this denomination for their wines, sharing it with other producers of the Alba area.

wine tasting roero in the best roero Wineries Roero
In November 1994, two other denominations of controlled origin were recognized which also cover the territory of Roero: Langhe DOC and Piemonte DOC.

The following wines are included in the DOC Piemonte: Piemonte Barbera, Piemonte Bonarda, Piemonte Grignolino, Piemonte Brachetto, Piemonte Cortese, Piemonte Chardonnay, Piemonte Moscato, Piemonte Moscato passito, Piemonte Spumante.

Langhe DOC includes the following wines: Langhe Arneis, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Dolcetto, Langhe Freisa, Langhe Chardonnay. Alongside these new DOC wines, smaller in the quantity of wine produced and certainly of good quality, are emerging the Langhe DOC red and the Langhe DOC white. Look at the other wineries in Piedmont and Italy

Roero wine tasting arneis