About 6% of the wine production of the Piedmont region, takes place in less famous areas but equally worthy of attention.

Territories able to amaze us, such as Upper Piedmont and the Canavese.

The provincial area of Turin is home to seven designations of origin, which give rise to 34 different types of wine! These are products coming in large part from native vines, often cultivated in marginal areas, but enhanced by a quality viticulture The Canavese, corridor between Piedmont and the Aosta Valley. Made of hills and lakes, with a right microclimate, which has allowed the cultivation of vines since Roman times,. An area that is a concentrate of energy and willpower. One of the most famous grape varieties of Canavese o better than Basso Canavese is theErbaluce.

The Erbaluce grape variety is a autochthonous Piedmontese white berry variety historically among the most important in the territory.The name Erbaluce comes from the story that tells of the encounter between the sun and the moon. They fell in love with each other, but could not touch each other in the sky. Canavese has many areas cultivated with grapes, but there are only three wines historically derived from this area. All characterized by a very high quality and an original organoleptic profile.

We are talking about the Canavese DOC (red, white, sparkling white, rosé, rosé sparkling wine, Barbera and Nebbiolo). Caluso’s Erbaluce DOCG (strictly white). And the Carema DOC, a red that as the name suggests is produced only in the municipality of the same name of Turin.

Certainly deserve attention the Carema with its pergolas and the Erbaluce, which dates back to the seventeenth century, the Savoyard duchy of Carlo Emanuele I. The Carema was the “wine of the Olivetti”, who regularly paid tribute to customers and suppliers, increasing its knowledge in Italy and abroad. Look at the other wineries in Piedmont and Italy

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