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LANGHE – B.ta serra dei turchi, 88 – La Morra (CN) –

Poderi Gianni Gagliardo are rooted in the history of a traditional farming family that has always cultivated vineyards in high vocation areas in Piedmont. Since 1847 the Colla family has moved from Santo Stefano Belbo, a suited area for Moscato grapes, to Diano d’Alba, which has always been renowned for its Dolcetto grapes, and finally to La Morra, in the Barolo area. It was Paolo Colla, who reached his dream of producing Barolo by buying a small farmhouse with vineyard and starting to make wine with the care and attention that only the passion and respect for the territory can give. The bottling of wines begins just before 1974, when Gianni Gagliardo, his son-in-law, joined the company. The original vineyard was therefore composed of a single plot, the one below the house, in Serra dei Turchi.

Today the plots dedicated to Barolo are 10. They are divided into 5 municipalities and fall under the MeGA Lazzarito, with official recognition of the toponym Vigna “Preve”, Castelletto, Monvigliero, Mosconi, Fossati, Bricco San Pietro, Santa Maria, and of course the original Serra dei Turchi.

Another 5 vineyards, mainly in the nearby area of Roero, are dedicated to other varieties.

The cellar has been developed underground, just below the original farmhouse. In this way optimal technical characteristics are guaranteed, including the exploitation of gravity and constant temperatures with low energy consumption. Moreover, its underground development respects the precious landscape of the vineyards of the Langhe, which since 2014 are UNESCO World Heritage.

The company produces 13 wines, of which 11 are red and 2 white, one of which however deserves a special mention, our Langhe Favorita “Fallegro” has reached the 45th vintage with the 2018 harvest. Of the 11 reds, 8 are based of Nebbiolo grapes, a vine that besides being the most noble of our territory, it is by far the favorite variety of the Gagliardo family.

The family, now composed of the founder Gianni, and the three sons Stefano, Alberto and Paolo, is at the center of the project. The artisanal approach, with great attention to the environment, to sustainability in general, and a great attention to detail in every single phase, are fundamental pillars of the current production approach. In order to operate in this way, the number of bottles is necessarily limited.

The concept of excellence also includes the hospitality and service to people who decide to spend their time to taste the products of Poderi Gianni Gagliardo and visit the cellar. This is taken care of personally by the youngest son, Paolo, who is always present at the winery to welcome visitors who are curious and attentive.



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The visit to the winery will be the beginning of all our experiences.
It is structured in our aging rooms, where We’ll describe you the history of our 6 generations and the philosophy of our Family, we will give a look at the Barolo Area from our panoramic terr ace and it will be our pleasure to explain you the characteristics that makes it a unique wine area, as its soils and its history.

At the end of the visit we can taste together four wines of our winery, including our Barolo. The type of wines can be chosen at the moment based on your wishes and our availability.

At the end of the visit we will be able to taste a selection of three of our current Barolo, the wines available will be chosen together with you based on availabilities.

At the end of the visit we will be able to taste 4 wines made 100% from Nebbiolo grape variety. It will be an example of how this magical grape manages to shape its characteristics based on microclimate and terroir. The tasting will start with Nebbiolo from Roero, it will continue with two Barolo from two different municipalities (therefore a small horizontal) and will end with an historical vintage of one of our cru (vintage and cru can change upon availabilities). This tasting will allow you to fully understand the influences of the territory on the wines of Langhe.

PRIVATE TASTING (6 WINES) – max 6 pers. – € 200pp
At the end of the visit we will head to the room dedicated to you, a private area with a view of our aging room. You will find the table set with professional glasses to enjoy a complete experience, and you will be able to taste the key products of our company. We will move between Barolo, Roero and Monferrato tasting the products that have made our Piedmontese territory great. Wines will be chosen from the full range and library.
The tasting will include at least 2 Barolo, 1 Barolo Riserva and 1 Nizza.

At the end of the visit we will be able to taste a vertical of our Barolo Gianni Gagliardo. We will start with the most recent vintage and will follow two historical vintages that will vary according to availability. The wines for tasting will be chosen from our “Library wines”, bottles that have rested in our underground cellars for years and are now ready to express their maximum character.

At the end of the visit we will be able to taste of Great Vineyards of Barolo to be chosen from Monvigliero, Fossati, Lazzarito, Mosconi and Castelletto, based on availability. The wines for tasting will be chosen from our “Historical Archive”, bottles that have rested in our underground cellars for years and are now ready to express their maximum character.




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Lan LIU Local Guide·47 recensioni·186 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We’re so lucky to spend one beautiful morning with Stefano and Giovanna at the Gianni Gagliardo Estate. I particularly enjoyed the view from the terrace and the detailed demonstration of various villages of the Barolo production zone. We’re awed by the artisanal approach the family applies and their wines are true to their philosophy. Should Gianni Gagliardo, the founder of the estate, not choose winemaking as his career path, he would definitely be a great philosopher.

我们很幸运能在Gianni Gagliardo庄园与Stefano和Giovanna一起度过一个美丽的早晨。 我特别喜欢从露台欣赏的景色,以及Stefano对Barolo生产区各个村庄的详细展示。 我们对这个家庭采用的艺术触觉感到敬畏,他们的葡萄酒忠实于他们的哲学理解。 如果庄园的创始人詹尼·加利亚多(Gianni Gagliardo)不选择酿酒作为他的职业道路,那么他绝对是一位出色的哲学家。


Rianne Kortekaas 21 recensioni·45 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We kwamen hier in de namiddag aan en ondanks dat er al gasten waren mochten ook wij een wijnproeverij doen. We konden zeggen wat onze voorkeur had qua wijnen en de enthousiaste vrouw pakte wat bij elkaar en liet ons van alles proeven. Ook legde ze uit wat het verschil was in bodem en achtergrond van dit wijnhuis. Super interessant. Ze liet ons allemaal verschillende jaren proeven, zodat we de rijping van de Barolo konden ervaren. Heerlijk! Aangezien we hadden aangeven dat we van plan waren wijnen te kopen (wat we uiteraard ook hebben gedaan na deze ervaring) hoefden we niet te betalen voor de wijnproeverij. We hebben meerdere wijnhuizen bezocht maar deze was toch wel het beste voor ons!


Adam Hansen Local Guide·156 recensioni·115 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐

My wife and I had a wonderful tour of this vineyard, which can definitely be recommended! The tasting at this place is a must, due to the excellent high quality Barolo!


Pepsiman Local Guide·20 recensioni·2 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My wife visited Poderi Gianni Gagliardo winery this morning of 4/6/22. Arrived a little early, so we drove to the top of the mountain to the town of La Morra. Wow what a lovely view from there. Paolo hosted us for our tour and wine tasting.


Danna Bethlehem 4 recensioni ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paulo gave us the most informative explanation of the grape varieties and wines that his family produces followed by delicious tastings of several nebbiolo wines. We had a really lovely experience.


Hashan Sampath Local Guide·228 recensioni·381 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nice place


Mark R 9 recensioni·1 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fantastic Barolo at a great price. Great host, too!


Olivier Heuchenne 17 recensioni·63 foto ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Carol Wing 1 recensione ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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Gianni Gagliardo
B.ta serra dei turchi, 88 – La Morra (CN)
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