Bretta Rossa

ALTO MONFERRATO – Strada per la Colma, 14 – Tagliolo Monferrato (AL) –


Family winery in Tagliolo Monferrato.
Respect of nature, technology and tradition, link with the territory: here is the philosophy of Bretta Rossa.

“We feel craftsman that ll the bottle with their land’s fruit, wishing to convey scents and sensations”, says Beppe Ravasini, telling the magic among wine, man and territory.

Here, as important grapes as Albarossa, are made in selected wooden vats and Pinot Noir ages in barriques; for Dolcetto we use native yeasts to enhance aromas and tastes.
The liqueur of classic sparkling wines is a rivisitation of the Pied- mont’s recipe.



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Company presentation and tasting of 2 Dolcetto di Ovada DOC and DOCG wines
From your glasses you will admire the most intense nuances of ruby red, you will perceive the aromas of red fruits and the persistence of sweet tannins that characterize the Dolcetto grape of our vineyards

DOSSET – € 15pp
Company presentation and tasting of 1 Dolcetto DOC wine and one Charmat sparkling wine
Our Colma 14 is obtained from vines with an average age of 60 years.
Beppe Ravasini closes this soft and fragrant wine in the bottle and offers it among its still red wines. From a happy intuition with the grapes Dolcetto also produces a sparkling and fragrant color lively, the Voilà Nicole Rosè – Spumante Brut Martinotti’s method that will surprise you in harmony and persistence.

Company presentation and tasting of 2 red wines
In 2020 Bretta Rossa has 100 years of history and Beppe Ravasini, for the occasion, has produced Anniversario, a structured and elegant wine that represents the soul of the company.
In your glass of Tajà , you will find the Dolcetto Superiore di Ovada Docg that best represents our territory.

PURE & BLEND – € 20pp
Company presentation and tasting of 2 red wines
Bretta Rossa closes the harvest every year with the harvesting of Albarossa grapes, from which it produces the homonymous wine.
Our Albarossa is a wine with bright violet reflections and an intense aroma of red fruits and herbaceous notes.
The taste is soft and persistent and is excellent with red meats, game and mature cheeses.
Albarossa gives strength and balance to Macatin’, a blend of wines harmoniously united with each other that offer the taster a unique sensory experience.

Company presentation and tasting of 3 wines Spumante Metodo Classico
The Ravasini’ s sparkling wines are made from Pinot Noir grapes. Our vineyards have a calcareous-tufaceous soil rich in marine fossils, so our sparkling wines are particularly tasty, with intense aromas, good acidity and long-lived.
Among the excellent wines of Bretta Rossa you can taste the

Cuvée Leonora Brut – Alta Langa Docg
Cuvée Leonora Rosè – Alta Langa Docg
You will be delighted by the fine perlage and elegant bouquet.
To offer a further tasting experience of the Classic Method, Beppe Ravasini has realized Scià Rica – Brut Spumante Classic Method

with permanence on the lees of 18 months, a quality sparkling wine appreciated for the impact cheerfully sapid and slightly bitter at the end. Fresh and elegant in its copper color.

CASE NERE – € 30pp
Company presentation and wine tasting Barolo DOCG
From the famous cru, Beppe Ravasini gets

Case Nere – Barol DOCG obtained from 100% Nebbiolo grapes
cultivated in the fraction of La Morra (CN).
A powerful and complex ruby wine with light orange reflections, intense aromas of ripe red fruits, spicy notes and licorice. Engaging tannins.



Bretta Rossa
Strada per la Colma, 14 – Tagliolo Monferrato (AL)
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