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MONFERRATO – Località Moncalvi 82 Rovereto – Gavi (AL) –




Our Winery belongs to a family historically dedicated to viticulture. So, we carefully take care of all the processes, from the vineyard to the bottle.

We have the privilege of living in Rovereto, a small peasant village, which has always been considered, thanks to its terroir, the maximum exaltation for GAVI DOCG… and not only. Our thought is contained in an ancient peasant saying, which says “If it is difficult to drink a good wine, it is much more difficult to produce it”. The love for our land has allowed us to conserve artefacts from many years ago, including a very rare Pliny’s press entirely made of oak wood from the 1500/1600 A.D.




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TASTE AND GO! – € 15pp
For those who have little time, we offer a tasting of a white and a red paired with crunchy snacks.

For those who want to deepen their knowledge of GAVI DOCG with tasting of the types produced, well accompanied by a platter of local products and interesting information on the winemaking processes in the cellar.

TOP TASTING – € 35pp
Meeting dedicated to those who, in addition to the pleasure of a good glass of wine, wish to learn about both the vegetative cycle of the vine and the winemaking process with targeted visits to the vineyard and cellar.
Naturally, the tasting of 3 wines of your choice will be enriched by a large platter of local products.



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This family are so kind and generous!
We had the best winery experience in Italy (and we had a lot)
We ate and drink a lot, in our opinion it was the best taste in the area!
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We will come back again!


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