Alba wine tours and alba wine tasting – wine tasting barolo, Alba wine tour

Alba wine tours - alba wine tasting  - wine tasting barolo and barbaresco winery to visit

Look at the wineries to visit in the Langhe and Roero and take an Alba wine tour

The magical Langhe, where the history of the soil mixes with the history of its people, of those who have lived there over the centuries and have made it increasingly fertile. Beautiful and welcoming… in a few words, unique.

Alba wine tours - alba wine tasting  - wine tasting barolo and barbaresco winery to visit

Wineries to visit in the Langhe and Roero Stunning vineyards, beautiful to look at not only for their geometries. But today even more important for an increasingly rooted and effective agricultural economy.

The ancient villages perched on the tops of the bricchi, each with its ruins, whether it be a tower, castle or walls, still remind us today of the ancient feudal past of these lands.

The land of Langa has always been difficult and tiring to work. It was often a hard and difficult life, marked by work in the fields, often in constant isolation, without any certainty or security.

But in the 1950s we began to see the first signs of an important change in direction, with the economic boom that was about to explode in Alba and its territory too.

Alba wine tours, wine tasting alba and wine tasting barolo

This new and sudden wealth led to a gradual improvement in living conditions, even in the peasant world. Between the end of the Seventies and the beginning of the Eighties, agricultural life and work in the vineyards began to be perceived from a new perspective.

Not only as effort and personal satisfaction, but as a new and interesting productive activity, capable of producing a decent economic return. There was a real return to the countryside and the vineyard. Often by those who had left it years ago to seek their fortune in the factory in Alba and its surroundings.

Wine soon became an important point of reference in the economy of Langa and Roero.barolo wine tasting

Alba wine tours - alba wine tasting  - wine tasting barolo and barbaresco winery to visit

Wine and effort therefore, that of the man who with infinite patience and great meticulousness. Was able to shape the sides and steep slopes of these hills. Transforming them into land suitable for viticulture.

The fine wines of Langa and Roero, carefully preserved in ancient cellars, often dug into the bowels of the earth. This is to better preserve aromas, structure and perfumes.

Now they are exported all over the world every day and tell the story of the magic of the hills where they are produced, the Langhe.

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