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The Punset estate is located on a beautiful hilly side, from which you can admire the historical town of Neive, enjoying the charm of the vineyards surrounding the winery. They are grown organically since year 1982, adding with the time biodynamic, natural winemaking and the agronomic practice of Masanobu Fukuoka

“The land works alone: the soil that lives according to its nature ploughs itself, the grass and plants as green manure stir the earth, trees and shrubs work deep down, micro-organisms of every kind finish the job”. (Masanobu Fukuoka)

From these words begins the visit in the company, walking in the vineyards (weather permitting) and observing nature and then find yourself in front of the glass to discover the results of the activity of the vine.

The company philosophy is to produce excellent wines in complete harmony with nature, starting from the premise that organic farming should not force in a corner for “particular” producers. Instead, certification must be an additional guarantee of quality to protect the consumer.

For this reason, says Marina Marcarino, I want to compare myself with the world of conventional wine, and demonstrate that we can become great in full respect of nature, the environment and ourselves.



By choosing BOOKING on the offers, a booking request will be sent to the winery, that will confirm your request. You will pay the wine tasting in the winery.

All tasting are paired with local artisan made breadstick

3 wines selected in the Punset current range (1 white, 1 red and 1 Barbaresco wine)

Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbaresco Basarin, Barbaresco Campo Quadro

Tasting of five wines selected by the guest in the Punset current range




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Via Zocco 2, Neive (CN)
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