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Our family-run business was founded by Grandfather Cesare when he was only 20 years old. All he had were some savings and some plots of land when he decided to plant his very first vine. After some time, his son Claudio joined him and the vineyards became the priority of the family. Since then, the company started growing rapidly, expanding their properties and starting to sell grapes.

We are Federico e Mattia, Claudio’s sons, who nowadays are the ones responsible to continue this incredible work and to make sure grandpa’s beloved dream comes true. Currently, the company owns 30Ha with 23 vineyards. Our large vineyard produces Moscato Bianco, however, we also grow other grapes, including: Nebbiolo, Barbera, Arneis and Dolcetto.

In 2018, under the supervision of Claudio and Cesare, we decided to start producing wine, becoming part of a project called “Green Experience”, that certifies an eco-sustainable product from the viticulture to the final consumer. With this project, we would like to introduce to the world our unique wine, which was born in the territory of the Langhe, at 461m above the sea level, and continue fulfilling our remarkable dream!



By choosing BOOKING on the offers, a booking request will be sent to the winery, that will confirm your request. You will pay the wine tasting in the winery.

WINE TOUR – € 10pp
Upon arrival, you will visit the winemaking rooms with us, discovering some of the tools and the necessary conditions for the development of an excellent wine.
At the end of the visit, we will stop by our welcoming wine tasting room. Here, you will taste 3 of our wines and enjoy our best story of how each of these products was born.

This visit develops in a similar way to the 3 Grapes one, through the winemaking rooms.
At the end of the visit, you will enjoy 4 of our wines, together with some First Filet cured meats, some hazelnut-based products from Corilanga (a Company we belong to) and some delicious cheese, for a memorable food and wine tasting accompanied by our stories. General info

To get ready for this wine tour, bring a comfortable pair of shoes and prepare to take a few steps, you will be rewarded with the scents and breathtaking views this amazing land has to offer!
We will walk together through our vineyards, discussing some of the agronomic issues and sharing some anecdotes about how an excellent grape is produced, in order to be transformed into wine.
At the end of the walk, you will enjoy 3 of our wines on top of one of the most panoramic hills of Neviglie, where we get our Moscato grapes to produce our famous Moscato d’Asti wine.



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Via Provinciale 5 – Neviglie (CN)
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